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Recovery from Trauma

Remembering traumatic stress is connected to fears which are related to unattended emotional injury. It is very important to remind yourself when the trauma is over and you have survived it. You are now in the present. Free yourself, disengage from emotional memories. It is difficult to override difficulties; however, it will build on emotional…

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International Women’s Day

The most secured emotional future depends on the ways in which we disengage from negative memories of the past. Explore your internal self, discovery to emotional freedom, securing emotional wisdom. A potential negative emotion can be turned into a constructive activity. Externalizing positive creativity, will honor your way back to the inner-authentic self. Draw, paint,…

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Advice for Marriage

Love Marriage & Attachment Never Stop Touching Words of Kindness. Always mean what you say and say what you mean; kindly. Always maintain eye-to-eye contact. Read the soul. In your discussions avoid using the words, “Always and Never.” Unless, it is to, Never stop kissing good morning and good nights. Always be kinds. Touch skin…

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Marriage Mediation

Do opposite personalities attract in a romantic relationship? Perhaps, there is an initial intrigue, when our own, personal individual vulnerability is admiring another’s persons traits, different than your own, while at the same time, hoping to achieve a balancing romantic relationship with this other person. What often happens is in time, in the Marriage/ couple…

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