Dr. Claire Vines Psy.D. – Doctor of Psychology, DAPA

My therapeutic approach focuses on assisting individuals, couples and family relationships who struggle with emotional conflicts; this including recovery of traumatic events, past emotional injury, depression/ anxiety, substance and dual diagnosis issues. The concentration is directed to an improved sense-of-self, awareness and resolutions to emotional struggles.

Through the integration of theory, intervention, insight and to multicultural awareness, my healing emphasis is in developmental trauma; individual struggles and the psychological effects to couple relationships such as secondary trauma, mood disorders, substance use and recovery.

Treatment Approach

My treatment offers a highly personalized approach related to the individual and their relationships. I will assist the individual with redirecting and managing life difficulties to a positive directions; solutions and positive options to unattended emotional pain. Negative thoughts and emotions will lead to negative behaviors. Negative thoughts and feelings are learned and can be unlearned. Exploration, encouragement and validation with externalizing in verbal exchange and creativity, bringing awareness from lessons learned from experience.

We will work on the regulation of emotions, startled responses, depression, anxiety, stress and other behaviors interfering in your relationships.

I will ask you what you about your emotional struggles. I will introduce you to the success and the passion of Psychology and the Art of therapy, helping to improve communication in marriage couples/individuals to a positive emotional path, discovering an improved life, re-evaluating the negative thoughts, with coping strategies the will create positive change.

Resolutions to unattended life’s emotional conflicts are addressed. Within family dynamics, we will work at improving communication and interaction.

I will guide you in your healing process within a safe and trusting secure setting; a personalized,  approach to difficult issues and how to reduce the effects. At times, past memories must be discussed and acknowledged, and honored.

We must find means to honor the past. “Our past is our knowledge. If we run from our past, are we running from ourselves.”

Psychotherapy is the tool for self-expression, validation and awareness. The Path to healing is Emotional Freedom. We have earned what we have learned. Reflect self expression in a narrative or painting, drawing, a song, an quote, reach-out and teach your love. Find positive creativity. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t be afraid to say, “No”. Don’t be afraid to say, “Yes” kindly. Emotional Healing is possible.

I am devoted professionally and personally, to the Art of Psychology and the Psychology of Art.

Creative expression is a passion to be discovered; art, drawing, writing, dancing, singing, teaching, and love. Psychotherapy is the tool to awareness and self-discovery; emotional freedom; life. My knowledge is multicultural. I am also fluent in speaking French and Spanish. My passion for human emotion reflects in my therapeutic work and in my creative works of art.


The Path to Emotional Wisdom is Emotional Freedom.

View my art website here.

Education & Credentials

Fluent in French and Spanish

Professional Licenses/ Certificates/ Memberships:

  • Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)
  • Diplomate American Psychotherapy Association (DAPA)
  • American Psychotherapy Association (APA)
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
  • Trauma Focus-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy TF-CBT
  • California Institute of Mental Health (CiMH)
  • Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA)
  • Evidenced Based Practices (EBP)
  • Managing Adapting Practices (MAP)
  • Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare (WLH)