Psychological Counseling Services for Individuals, Couples & Family

I provide Psychological Counseling Psychotherapy, emphasizing on unresolved or unattended emotional struggles, injuries and related issues, such as, depression, anxiety, co-dependence, substance abuse and relationship issues. We will build on positive resolutions and an improved life path.

While I remain aware of your interpersonal traits and factors, my professional approach and sensitivity focuses on the individual one-on-one, couples and family relationships.

“You cannot start your chapter over, but you can begin now a new one. Make a Masterpiece of your Life.” – Claire Vines, PsyD.

How to overcome Life’s Emotional Challenges?

Major traumatic events such loss or death will lead to severe distress. Emotional conflicts could also cause mental stress and painful fluctuating moods.

If you experience signs of depression; difficulty in sleeping, working, enjoying being with family or friends, it is advised that you take an initiative and seek help, rather than letting it take away your internal sense of living life to its best.

What is most Effective in Healing?

First, a question-answer session by phone or face-to-face. The psychological counseling process will help you with several solutions to unattended emotional stress while in a safe and trusting setting.

Secondly, calming you thoughts through sessions which offer forms of meditation or creative expression are healing to the inner-self.

Third, in the process, the Art of Psychology also provides interpersonal skills and self validation to improving interaction in social settings and in your relationships. This form of self-care will increase self-confidence and lead you to achieve a sense of emotional freedom.

“Seeing Dr. Vines was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how great she was for me.” – Lupe Sanchez


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